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Lots going on at Express!

Aug. Open Gym Sessions at the Joe Thornton Arena.

Mondays/Wednesdays 6:00-7pm (Gr. 6-8) and 7:30-9pm (Gr. 9-12).

Fridays for the "Big Kids" only.  (Gr. 11-13) 7-9pm.

Register at

Assessments (Tryouts) - September 10th to February 1st

Dates, Times and Locations will soon be posted on social media.

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We will be following all OVA timelines.

Contracts will be offered on the following dates:

September 19th 18U September 22nd 15U
September 20th 17U September 23 14U (TNS)
September 21st 16U Septmeber 23 13U 




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COMING SOON - Pre-Registration for Grassroots and House League.  Stay tuned!

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