Volleyball Fans,  Updated July 15

The St. Thomas Express Volleyball Club is pleased to announce that our Thursday night in the Meadow Grass Court program is ready to go.

Arrive:  check in each Thursday beside the track

Location:  Central Elgin C.I.  (Park on the East side of school in the parking lot.)

Dates:  June 16th - August 4th  inclusive.  (i.e., no dates off = 8 sessions)

Departure:  ~8pm.


  • No washroom facilities on site 
  • Garbage clean-up - if you pack it in, please pack it out.  
  • Inclement weather - we will use 3 methods for cancellations.  E.g., email, social media,
  • Smoking - not permitted on Thames Valley DSB grounds
  • Parking - east side of school
  • Stay and watch (bring a lawn chair)
  • Remain outside of the track
  • Cheer positively for all players
  • Social Distance - Remain 2m away from non-family members OR wear a mask
  • Yell at or coach participants
  • Come inside the track area
  • Sit within 2m of non-family members without wearing a mask
  • Congregate with non-family members

 Failure to follow any of the above guidelines may result in you being asked to leave and/or your child being removed from the program with no financial compensation.  Let’s work together please.

  • Please DO NOT send your child if they have ANY symptoms.   
  • Please bring:
  • WATER (Lots of it as there is no filling station on site) 
  • ICE (If possible for cooling and possible injury)
  • Shoes appropriate for dry grass participation (no cleats please)
  • Hat / Sunglasses / Sunscreen
  • Lawn chair to sit in between matches 

Express T shirts, and water bottles will be distributed when they’ve arrived at the club.


Joy and technique plus you get to see your friends again.  :)

Questions?  Please contact Darlene: