House League is the next step after Grassroots.  Players will play on teams and play small-sided games to increase the number of touches per player.  (No sitting around here.)  This program will give players some coaching on the fundamentals of the game but focus on lots of team play.  Joy and technique in a more competitive environment.  Come and join us!

Program Outline (potential)

  • Weeks 1:  Individual Assessments and training (Bjerring style)
  • Weeks 2-7:  Regular Season including some training
  • Week 8:  Championships and Celebration 



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Cancellation policy - We attempt to be #1 at communication.  Please presume that all sessions will run no matter what.  i.e., inclement weather.  If a situation beyond our control forces us to cancel a session, we will inform you by Social Media and on the front page of the site. 

Make-up Sessions - If a session is cancelled for reasons beyond our control, it is at the discretion of the club as to whether or not it can/will be made up.  

*Requests - Our goal is to make the House League teams as equal as possible.  While you may send requests to play with certain players, player distribution is at the full discretion of the club.