Grassroots is the beginning of it "all".  Grade 1-6 players (co-ed) will learn all of the basic skills in a fun and exciting environment.  Group sizes are usually less than 20 with our famous Red Shirt leaders there to help at all times.    Come out and join the program that truly exemplifies the two things Express teaches:  Joy and Technique.


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Cancellation policy - We attempt to be #1 at communication.  Please presume that all sessions will run no matter what.  i.e., inclement weather.  If a situation beyond our control forces us to cancel a session, we will inform you via Social Media and on the front page of the site. 

Make-up Sessions - If a session is cancelled for reasons beyond our control, it is at the discretion of the club as to whether or not it can/will be made up.  All efforts will be made and clear communication will be sent.