Competitive Program

This is the highest level of competition available in St. Thomas.

Boys and Girls from 12U - 18U (Reviewed annually) may participate.

Tryouts occur in September.

Season runs from Oct. - Apr.

2-3 training sessions per week with a certified coach.

Approximately one OVA tournament per month plus three-day Provincials in Apr.  (~$350) *Coaches might choose to participate in extra competitions which may or may not be included in the fee structure.  Some travel in Southwestern Ontario is required.  Usually tournaments are a one-day affair. (e.g., all day Sat.)

Players receive a uniform (~$250) incl. 2 jerseys, shorts, training shirt and warm-up clothing.

2022-2023 Competitive Fee Structure

Express is proud to be one of the best values in volleyball in the region.  All fees charged cover the costs of the program.  This year, the club has applied approximately $6000 in sponsorships to help keep the costs low despite the rising costs generated by the OVA and other partners.

While each team has different costs (i.e., older teams have higher OVA fees than younger ones), this is the basic breakdown per player for each team by percentage of the total cost.

Individual player costs (~35%)

Uniform, OVA fees

Team costs (~55%)

OVA Tournaments, OVA fees, Coaching Stipends

Club costs (~10%)

Facilities, Insurance, OVA fees, Misc. professional fees.

Anticipated total for this season is between $860-$1200.  (Based on 9-12 players/team.)  In addition to the number of players on a team, the cost is affected by the age of the players.  (i.e., 18U pays more than 13U because of associated OVA fees.)

Please contact Darlene if you have any questions.